Shakespear, monocomedy

April 15 at 19:30
Laško, Trg svobode 6

Shakespeare is a monodrama project by Steven Berkoff, English actor, screenwriter, playwright, director and one of the pioneers of theatre u fris. The mono-project is a mixture of lecture, comedy and masterful interpretations of the famous monologues of Shakespeare's villains. It premiered to great acclaim at the Royal Haymarket Theatre in London in 1998 and was awarded the Laurence Olivier Award. He briefly introduces each of the negative characters and talks about the motives behind his actions and the different portrayals he has experienced. He also lampoons theatre critics, discusses the ills of the acting profession and the ingenuity of experienced actors, the differences between making a film and a theatre production, sprinkles in an anecdote here and there, and in between gets bloody real with each of the negative characters. Sebastian Cavazza has created his own acting score based on Berkoff's template.

Sebastian Cavazza, author of the idea, translator, lyricist and actor.
Playwright: Eva Mahkovic
Lecturer: Maja Cerar
Lighting designer: Boštjan Kos
Sound Designer: Sašo Dragaš
Marimbist: Aleksandra Šuklar
Skulls designer: Žiga Lebar

The performance uses excerpts from Shakespeare translations by Oton Župančič and Milan Jesih.
The performance uses the Cello Suite in E flat major by J.S. Bach.

Photo: Facebook.com

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