Aka Neomi

Aka Neomi
Aka Neomi

AKA Neomi is a band from Ljubljana and the Dolenjska region, the core of which have been singer and songwriter Saša Vipotnik and multi-instrumentalist and producer Mario Babojelić for several years. They are accompanied by bassist Dejan Slak – Sleyk, drummer Marko Grubar and Igor Matković on trumpet.

As Neomi, the band brought a breath of fresh air to the Slovenian pop scene with their first album Poglej and the now well-known songs “Odpri oči”, “Čudovito” and “Poglej”. A short hiatus followed, after which Neomi switched up the lineup and genre, their style turning towards indie pop, trip hop and psychedelic noise. They performed at Waves Vienna in Austria, Westway Lab in Portugal, Eurosonic in the Netherlands and shared the stage with Roisin Murphy at her concert in Ljubljana. A second album titled Beautiful Disasters was released, which received positive reviews both at home and abroad and was nominated for Album of the Year at the 2020 Golden Flute awards. The health crisis somewhat interrupted the band’s plans, but they continued to work and a few more songs were released in English, among them “Grow Old”, “The View” and “Self Service”, after which they returned to their mother tongue.

On the upcoming third album, in addition to Vipotnik, her longtime life partner Eva Taja Cimerman also contributed to the lyrics and brought her own humour and a bit more optimism to the songs. The music was filled with majors and dance rhythms. The album Lepo se svetiš v temi, featuring advance  singles “Nočna zver”, “Vesolje” and “Bakhantka”, will illuminate the darkest corners of your insides (and without the help of a colonoscope).

Photo: Rockline.si

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