Žan Serčič

Žan Serčič
Žan Serčič

Žan Serčič is a 27-year-old singer, guitarist, author of lyrics and music, producer and one of the most popular names on the Slovenian music scene. In addition to hits such as: Zadnja noč, Naj Me Vzame, Letim, Snežinki... he signs many songs of other artists, and behind his songs is more than 10 years of musical inspiration.

Žan comes from a small (and as he says – the most beautiful) town in Styria – Lenart in Slovenske gorice. He was inspired by his father Franc, who taught him to play the guitar at the age of six. His exceptional understanding of women, which is expressed in his songs, comes from a strong relationship with his mother Lidia, who instilled in him courage and firm principles of perseverance, which led him to the successes he has been reaping in recent years. After finishing junior music school, he first presented himself to the general public at the age of 16 on the show Slovenia has talent. The whole experience changed his life, most of all he realized that music is an endless love that he wants to spread for the rest of his life. After two released albums and more than 20 singles with videos, he is currently in the process of creating his third studio album, the biggest inspiration of which is the love and support he receives from his fans at concerts that are mostly sold out.

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