Challe Salle

Challe Salle
Challe Salle

Saša Petrović, better known by his stage name Challe Salle, is the idol of the young generation and one of the most popular Slovenian musicians. With his charisma, he spreads positive energy and represents a new dimension of modern music.

He has more than 310 000 followers on social media and his 37 videos on YouTube have more than 60 million views. The biggest hit Lagano, which has 9 million views on YouTube, is the first and most listened to reggaeton song in the history of Slovenia. Challe has also been the most listened to hip-hop artist on digital platforms in Slovenia for several years. He tries to be a great role model for all the young people who follow him, so he no longer uses profanity in his songs and focuses them on education, music, sports and talent development. He has had his own line of school supplies for a few years now, but otherwise has been involved in sport all his life.

He is also known for not drinking alcohol and not smoking.

As an ambassador, he has successfully represented the brands Pringles, Slowatch (Fossil), Autotehno VIS (Opel), Baby Center and Polleo Sport. Earlier this year, he and his fiancée Yvonne welcomed their son Alex. Despite a short break from music, he has many new projects in the pipeline, including opening his own music studio in Vrhnika.

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