Dejan Dogaja

Dejan Dogaja
Music, Television
Dejan Dogaja

Dejan Krajnc comes fr om Laško. He was born on 17 December 1993 in Celje. Already in elementary school, he was extremely interested in music, so in the third grade he began attending clarinet and piano lessons with various professors. He continued his musical career at the Fran Korun Koželjski High School of Music in Velenje (major: artistic high school) and successfully completed it. He is a student of the Academy of Music in Ljubljana.

In addition to music, he has a lot of experience with television: he performed at music festivals, was an accompanying musician in the program Slovenski pozdrav on RTV SLO, he performed at various concerts with direct television transmission, as well as filming various popular and local shows, filming video spots, he was a guest in various entertainment shows, guest on radio shows, hosted the independent show "Adijo Madam" on TV Veseljak and "Poskočni Dejan show" on TV Golica. He is also a radio moderator, and we have heard him before the microphone on the radio: NET FM, Štajerski val, radio Celje and radio Center.

Before Dejan embarked on an independent musical path, he worked in the Vigred family ensemble, the Posavski 5 ensemble and the Poskočni muzikanti ensemble, wh ere he was the group's frontman for just under 10 years. He recorded a dozen hits with her, which are still sung today by young and old.

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