Dejan Vunjak

Dejan Vunjak
Dejan Vunjak

Dejan Vunjak was born in 1993 in Ptuj. Music was practically laid in his cradle, as his father Branko Jovanovič Vunjak, a legendary musician who sang under the name Brendi, was filling concert venues and playing to the masses in Prekmurje with the pop group Don Juan at the very time of his birth. The Žibrat family, where Dejan's mother Danica comes from, was also very active musically. Dejan was therefore in the company of the greatest Slovenian musicians from a very young age. Even as a three-year-old boy, he was happiest when he went to his father's concerts with his mother and older sister Tina, because his father would always invite him on stage and together they would sing the spirited song "Najlepše so kelnarce" (The most beautiful are the kelnarce).

Dejan made his first vocal studio recording in 2000 in the RTV studio. He sang the title track for the then popular youth TV series Pepi ve vse (Pepi Knows Everything, directed by Tugo Štiglic, written by Jelka Ribarič), which was nominated for a Stopa Victor in 2003. In the series, Dejan not only sang, but also acted. He appeared alongside the outstanding actor Janez Škof in the role of Mihc, Pepi's curious nephew.

Photo: Radio Zeleni Val
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