Jure Godler

Jure Godler
Cinema, Comedy, Stand-up, Television
Jure Godler

He was born and grew up in Brežice. After graduating from the Secondary School of Music and Ballet, he enrolled to study English, but did not finish. He decided to study composition at the Mozarteum Academy of Music in Salzburg, Austria. He devoted his studies mainly to research into the life and works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. At music school he met Tilno Artač. They shared a talent for imitating their teachers. Together, they appeared in the "5 minutes of fame" section of the show That Fine Afternoon. There they were noticed by Sašo Hribar and Bojan Krajnc, who invited them to co-create the radio show Radio Ga-Ga and later the TV show Hri-bar with Sašo Hribar.

Photo: Luka Vovk

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