Boštjan Nipić, better known as Nipke, is a Slovenian rapper and hip hop music artist.

He came on the music scene in 2008 in the duo Overdose with the song "Fiama.com". In the same year, the song "Brilejeva Street", performed by Overdose and I. Vanisha (the song is named after Brilejeva Street in Dravlje), was released on the compilation Experiment by Dravle Records. The following year, he contributed to a selection of songs on the Spaced Out compilation as part of the duo Overdose and as a solo artist on several songs.

After meeting hip hop producer Damjan Jović, he started working on a studio album for Dravle Records. His debut album, Nipke, was released five years later, in October 2015, and officially launched on 17 October at the sold-out Orto Bar in Ljubljana. The album was praised by both music critics and Nipke's fans. The lead single from the album, "Všeč tko k je", was also a success.

After the album, Nipke created a string of hits, which he opened with the single "Noben me ne rozum" (2016), for which he received the "Zlata piščal" for Song of the Year the following year, and the video was selected as "Video of the Year" (Director Blaž Hojžar). In 2017, he worked a lot with his good friend and musical collaborator Rok Terkaj (Trkaj), with whom he created several duets that immortalised that year ( Sam gremo, Vsi smo na istem, Tista trava, Hip Hop junak). For the song "Vsi smo na istem", the following year they won the "Žaromet" for Song of the Year.

This was followed by hits such as "Bejba iz neta"(2017), "Dej se ustav"(2017), "Popoln lajf"(2018) "Če ne boš probu"(2018), "Ina"(2018), "Izven okvirja"(2019). The latter he presented at his big concert with the band "The Nipples" at the sold-out Cvetličarna in Ljubljana.

Nipke and his friend and producer Damjan Jović, as the two flagships of their collective "DravleRecords", are launching a new album called Awake in 2020, on the 15th anniversary of their creation. The album is about how working class block boys realise their dreams through their music. "Buden" became the most listened to album on Apple Music in Slovenia immediately after its release. The album features interesting and unpredictable collaborations such as Bojan Cvijetičanin (JokerOut), Zala & Gašper, Ezra, Chiro (LaBagra), Matter, Benjamin Dolić and Trkaj. In addition to Damjan Jović, Hugo Smeh a.k.a. Hyu has also left his mark as a producer. On the album we can hear a cover of the song "Without Words", which with the blessing of Mojmir Sepet and Elza Budau was reworked into a song called "2210". "Without Words" was the first song in Slovenian language to appear in the selection for "Evrosong" in 1966, which was performed by Berta Ambrož at that time.

In May 2021, Nipke announced the arrival of his second solo album with the first single "When Will It Hit", which was then released in June, and the title of the new album "Retro" can already be seen in the video.

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