Sašo Stare

Sašo Stare
Stand-up, Television
Sašo Stare

After studying at Kranj high school, he devoted himself to the awakening improvisational comedy and the high school impromptu ŠILI at the time. He continued this activity while studying at the University of Ljubljana. He developed in standup as a warm-up comedian of the very successful comedy show Vid in Pero Šov. He has worked as a graphic designer, ad writer, stage actor and promoter, children's show host, and voiced the superhero Ninja Turtles in the 2007 TMNT reboot.

He belongs to the younger generation of Slovenian comedians and theologians. Although he has been active on stage for many years, he is known above all as an expert in martial arts and cooking. Slovenian theaters know him above all as an improviser who supported two Gorenje improv groups, Voknvofnej and KUD Kiks. He appeared in the successful sketch series Skečoholiki and the show Videozid. He participated in several attempts at roast comedy, both in POP TV's Na žaru project and in smaller projects such as Vid Valič Roast. In the true theatrical sense, he performed at the Šentjakob Theater in the crime film Who Killed Anica L, directed by Gojmir Lešnjak.

Like many comedians, he participated in the Z glavo na partyo foundation. Since 2019, together with the comedian Aleš Novak, they have been creating the podcast A res, tega ne veš?, which has popular science topics, mainly about unusual phrases, which they resolve with a guest in a pleasant, relaxed style in a game of guessing and hinting.

Since 2018 (season 7), he has hosted Slovenia’s got talent (in the sixth season, he followed the events behind the scenes as part of the More talent section on Voyo), and since 2019, Mali šef of Slovenia. He participated in the 2nd season of the show Zvezde plešejo (2018).

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