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The Ljubljana City Theatre has more than seventy years of professional history and is the second largest Slovenian theater with over 100 employees. The 35-member ensemble performs around 400 shows each season, attracting a total of 100,000 spectators.

The Ljubljana City Theatre was founded in 1949 by the City of Ljubljana as the second drama theater in Ljubljana. It began its operations on a modest, small stage with a group of enthusiastic actors and students from the Academy of Theatre. Over time, it grew into a modern theater family, consisting of 35 permanent and over 40 guest actors.

Funding comes from three sources: the Ministry of Culture, the City of Ljubljana, and its own income.

The artistic history of the Ljubljana City Theatre is characterized by the fact that many of Slovenia's most important creators have been involved in its repertoire since its inception: actors, directors, playwrights, etc. Some of the individuals who have programmed the theater include the legendary dramaturge Lojze Filipič, who set some still exemplary standards for the conception of modern theater. Some of the most famous productions by directors Mile Korun and Dušan Jovanović were created on the stage of the Ljubljana City Theatre, establishing its reputation as a leader in programming and performance.

The current repertoire of the Ljubljana City Theatre follows the principles of engaging in a lively, controversial, and timely dialogue with modernity. The selection of texts and themes includes contemporary drama, with classical plays being included less frequently, usually when the choice of creators guarantees a relevant interpretation and a sharp and exciting confrontation. Through its own productions and a multitude of co-productions, the Ljubljana City Theatre aims to offer a variety of genres and performance principles, while also being highly responsive to the world around them. The record number of visitors who attend MGL's performances each season compels the creators of the repertoire to make decisions that are broad and communicative. We believe that these characteristics - passionate commitment, intensity, demandingness, criticality - are the driving force behind quality stage events. We believe that the selection of content in MGL's repertoire reflects the diverse faces of Europe at the beginning of the century.

The building of the Ljubljana City Theatre is located in the center of the capital and has three halls: the main one (327 seats), the Small Stage (80 seats), and the Studio MGL (50 seats).

Our audience enters the theater world through the theater passage between Čopova and Nazorjeva Street. During the summer of 2010, we renovated a large part of the lobby, toilets, the staircase to the main stage, and the Small Stage. In the summer of 2009, with the support of the City of Ljubljana and the Ministry of Culture, we installed an elevator for visitors to access the main stage and the Small Stage.

Non-theatrical program

Within MGL, an independent publishing house specializing exclusively in theater literature has been operating for more than 60 years. They publish memoirs, theoretical works, history books, and dictionaries. The book collection currently includes 172 titles, with at least two new books published each year.

Čopova 14, 1000 Ljubljana
01/ 4258 222
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