Plečnikova hiša

Karunova 4–6 1000 Ljubljana

Plečnik House

Walking through Ljubljana it is impossible to ignore the abundance of arrangements and architectural creations made by the Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik. Born in Ljubljana, Plečnik learned his craft in Vienna and acquired a creative broadness of mind in Prague. He deftly implemented his skills as he returned to Ljubljana, where he created the phenomenon now called Plečnik’s Ljubljana. Many of his ideas were conceived in his home, a house in Trnovo, a monument of national importance since 2009 and today a public museum. You are kindly invited to visit the Plečnik House and learn about this modest man responsible for such monumental architecture. Enter the house in which Plečnik’s Ljubljana was created!

Text: https://mgml.si/en/plecnik-house/

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